The Ex-Factor

Thought you’d heard the last tabloid tales of 2008’s X Factor contestants? Well you were wrong.
Whilst Alexandra Burke has signed a £3 million US recording contract, her personal life doesn’t seem to be going quite so happily. Alexandra is said to be fearful of her ex boyfriend Russell Broooks after he found out she’d been spending time with Ben from A1.

A source told the News of the World that “Alex had been talking to Russell on the phone. When she told him she’d been hanging out with Ben, he lost it.” He turned up at her house, and according to a neighbour “there was loads of thumping and yelling. He was saying things like, ‘what the hell are you doing in there, Ben?’ and ‘I’m going to smash your f**king car’.

There’s also drama in the JLS camp. The ex girlfriend of Astin from the band has told the News of the World (serial gossip mongers) that the reason for their split was his obsession with former girlfriend Louisa Lytton aka Ruby Allen from Eastenders.

Serious stuff, and we wonder if more stories of this nature will surface when Alex and JLS have songs to promote?