Our thoughts go out to Jade

It’s the news nobody wanted to hear. After her cervical cancer spread to her groin, liver & bowel, Jade Goody has been told she only has months to live. She found out the devastating news on Friday, and Jade’s publicist Max Clifford has said of her hospital visit “She was aware that the cancer had spread but they said unfortunately it was a question now of when rather than if and when she pressed them as to how long she’d got, they said ‘months’,” She is now set to wed her boyfriend Jack Tweed, and is sorting out her affairs.

Jade was only diagnosed with cervical cancer in August, and it’s scary how fast this has onfolded in front of the UK’s media. The former reality tv star has now said she may even allow her death to be filmed for Living TV’s ‘Jade’s Progress’. Max Clifford has defended her decision to carry on filming her reality show, telling Sky News “What she said to me was simply this – ‘I’m doing this for three reasons, one: because I want to make as much money as possible for my children, two: because it keeps me busy, it gives me something to think about other than cancer, and what’s going to happen to me,’ and three: since last August when she announced she had cancer, the amount of women having cervical smears has gone up over 20% right across Britain and that’s something she’s very happy about.
Jade’s influence on the rise in smear tests is so incredibly powerful, we just think that anything which makes us more aware of the devastation cancer can cause is positive in a truly awful situation. Our thoughts go out to her friends and family.