Super Balls!

I hate American football! The sport bores me and I can’t even perv over the players, so when the Super Bowl was on TV the other night I had no reason to watch.
Little did I know, my favourite thing to ever happen in the history of broadcasting would occur during the event.

The lucky people of Arizona got a surprise towards the end of the game, when their broadcast was interrupted, ‘with what?’ you ask. Well, porn of course!

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much. This may be a contender for the ultimate FAIL.

I thought it best not to post the real clip (nothing a bit of Googling wont get you), funny as it is, but you can see the censored version below.

Fortunately this was only broadcast to those with Comcast cable.

Our favourite quote has to be from a viewer who describe the clip like this:
“He did this little dance with everything hanging out”

Big LOLs!