What do you want for VDay?

Valentines day is right around the corner, if you haven’t started dropping hints by now then you probably should.

Flicking through the pages of Vogue we came across this Allumer limited edition Valentines Day Friendship bracelet!

The men’s version is a simple solid gold black heart and the womens’ is the same but holds a single diamond. Each comes in a matchbox which has the message “Light up my life” on the side and with prices starting at £45 they surely shall.

Click here to visit Allumer.co.uk to see their full rage and find stockists near you, and click here to visit vogue.co.uk .

With Vogue called them “The Rolls Royce of Friendship Bracelets” that’s all the recommendation we need.

To the men in our lives, take the hint and get yourselves down to Harvey Nics!