Fashion Aid

The Italian fashion community is today coming together to help victims of Sunday night’s earthquake in L’Aquila. Gucci, Versace, Brioni and Anna Molinari were among the companies donating funds. The Abruzzo region, where the tremors were centred, is just north east of Rome – and is only a short distance from some major fashion houses’ headquarters.

“There were no damages but following instructions by local authorities all the Brioni buildings were tested on Monday morning,” Italian label Brioni’s co-ceo Andrea Perrone told WWD. “Unfortunately the entire area is still experiencing…shocks.”

Brioni, along with the other fashion companies, is working to provide funds for the region, where more than 200 people are thought to have perished since the tremors first hit. Officials have announced than more than 15,000 people are currently homeless in the wake of the earthquake.

“We will provide extra support following this tragedy, which has affected so many people in the region,” Perrone pledged. “We are part of the Abruzzo [region] and are directly involved and shocked in what has happened, it will take time to re-establish ordinary life.”

Source: Vogue