Loserville: the Musical update

Tickets are on sale now for “the rock musical event of 2009!” (not our words, the words of the arts centre in Berkshire where the event is being held).

Loserville: the Musical, based on the Son of Dork album ‘Welcome To Loserville,’ will be staging it’s world premier for 3 days at the South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell. And more good news is that it’s part of A Night Less Ordinary, a new initiative giving people under the age of 26 free tickets to the theatre. Woop!
Here’s a synopsis of the story:
“Michael Dork is 17. They call him nerd, geek, slacker. Socially marginalised by the entire school and constantly picked on by Eddie, the coolest boy in school, Michael is desperate to find his ticket outta Loserville. But when stunning new girl Holly arrives, Michael is introduced to a whole new world of cool.”
And just in case you forgot, James Bourne (co-writer) is way famous. He had, like, eighteen consecutive top 3 UK singles with Busted and Son of Dork, as well as selling, like, over 6 million albums man. Woah!
For info about tickets have a look at the Myspace:
If James Bourne’s weekend tweets are to be believed there are only 300 tickets left. Get buying!