Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV

If you’re a fan of music then Pocket TV is a must watch!

Pocket TV is a made for mobile music-based entertainment show that can be viewed on any mobile. So far we’ve tested it on the iPhone and Android and it displays nicely and loads quickly on both.

In upcoming weeks the show promises irreverent, humorous and enlightening interviews with artists and bands, live sessions as well as behind the scenes features, all hosted by the hilarious Matt Edmondson and his team of reporters.

From what we’ve seen of Matt so far anyone who engages in physical contact with Marilyn Manson and takes their clothes off in front of The All American Rejects is OK in our book.

You can watch each 15 minute show on YouTube, or download it in five 90 second clips for free straight to your mobile!

Check out the hilarious promo video here.


And this clip where Matt talks about how the pop stars of today just aren’t rock ‘n’ roll any more!


You can check out the YouTube channel by clicking here.
To watch the vids on your mobile visit: