A mystery is unfolding in the Big Brother House. Charlie was the first
to nominate this afternoon, and when he came out of the Diary Room he wouldn’t say a word, not a sound came from his lips, totally schtum. No amount of cajoling got an explanation out of him, and the housemates were barely able to stand the suspense.

“I’d love to know what it was Charl – the reason you can’t talk,” Lisa told him, unsurprisingly getting no answer.

“Does it mean if you talk you’re up for nomination?” she tried again, still getting no response.

Siavash looked wary. “I think we should stop trying to guess. We might get in trouble.”

In the Living Room, the others were on the same topic. “I wonder what’s up with Charlie?” said Karly.

“I think he’s putting it on,” said Kris, suspecting another prank.

“I think he is,” agreed Dogface. “They’re not gonna give him a Task straight after the nominations.”

“That’s what I thought, but he was in there for ages…” mused Karly.

Minutes later, Charlie and Siavash were napping in the Bedroom when the alarm went off. They both sat up, looking a bit bleary, but the alarm just went on and on, with Charlie looking increasingly annoyed.

“I’m up!” he finally shouted. Then he gasped, and covered his mouth.

So the silence is broken… but what could it all mean?

Channel 4 put us our of our misery by later revealing:

Speculation has been rife in the House this afternoon after housemates noticed that Charlie had gone completely silent. We can now reveal that when he went into the Diary Room to nominate earlier, he got a very unpleasant surprise.

It started as normal. Charlie’s nominations went without a hitch. But just as he thought the worst bit was out of the way, Big Brother said ominously, “Just one more thing, Charlie.”

“Yesterday, at 1.06am in a conversation with Lisa and Karly, you said ‘I normally struggle [to nominate], but now people have done things. I didn’t [have anyone to nominate], but now I’ve got one definite, haven’t I?'”

Ooh… who could he have been talking about?

“It is strictly against the rules for housemates to discuss their nominations with each other,” Big Brother reminded him. “Therefore you must be punished.”

“You must remain silent until midnight tonight. If Big Brother hears one peep out of you before the stroke of midnight, you will face Eviction on Friday. If you communicate anything about this punishment to your fellow housemates, you will also face Eviction.”

With this weighing heavily on his shoulders, Charlie left the Diary Room to face an afternoon of interrogation – which he couldn’t answer – from his confused fellow housemates.