Pitt to quit?!

Apparently Brad Pitt feels like he is ‘too old’ to be in the industry anymore, and this has now started rumours that he may quit Hollywood.

ContactMusic report that Brad has said, “I think acting is a younger man’s game; there are fewer interesting parts for older people and we all get older. But I feel like I’ve done it. I’ve kind of had my time and that’s quite freeing. Of course there are still acting dreams left for me. But I’ll do them first and then we’ll talk about them,” Brad explained before talking about his family’s international lifestyle. “Everywhere is interesting in its own way, each place has its own feel and something to offer: you pick up something, the kids are picking up something. They have this worldview, which we are very proud and happy that we are able to provide. We get peace in our lives.”

You can’t quit! Although we’re not digging the beard…

Brad Pitt at the premier of Inglorious Basterds in Berlin, Germany