Celebrating 15 years of Friends

Friends cast at 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards BackstageHas it really been that long since Friends hit our screens? It seems like only yesterday we were willing Rachel and Ross together – Oh wait it was, Cheers E4!!

Makers of hit US TV series have decided to mark the anniversary by putting a ‘pop-up’ replica of New York’s most famous coffee shop Central Perk in Soho!!

The coffee shop will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the hit show and is open to the public from 24 September to 7 October. The celebrity launch is taking place tomorrow with Gunther, (Yes, the REAL Gunther) Central Perk’s own grumpy coffee shop owner, overseeing events.

You can go to the website and register for a voucher entitling you to a free cup of coffee inside the mock-up venue where some of the best-loved props from the series, such as Rachel’s wedding dress from the first episode and Phoebe’s terrible paintings will be on display!! How exciting, just think of the profile pics you could get of yourself!

There is also an ‘extra special limited-edition’ celebration Box Set of all ten seasons to mark the occasion being released.