Cross-dressing Alex?!

It seems that nothing can surprise us these days, but this, was quite shocking. Apparently there were reports in the papers last week regarding Katie Price’s new man and his cross-dressing ways. Peter Andre is not happy about this, and has asked him to not do this in front of his two children. Which we think is fair enough!

“Whatever people are doing in their private lives, and that goes for them or anyone, can you please not do it in front of the kids,” Peter said. “I’m not going to criticise, I’m not going to say, ‘How dare you do this or that’, just don’t do it in front of the kids. Give me that little bit of respect.”

On top of all of this, Alex Reid’s former girlfriend, Danielle Sims, has said that her ex thinks that Price is going to dump him. “Katie’s stitching me up. She told the papers I’m a cross-dresser to make me look like a freak. I’m sure she did it so that when she dumps me people won’t blame her,” Sims claimed Reid told her. “We’ve been arguing a lot and I’m sure she’s about to dump me. She’s had enough of me and is already getting in the cheap shots. I didn’t realise she could be so ruthless. I’m just a fly in her trap.”

Never a day goes by without drama in that camp!