Suga- crazy!

We can just about keep up with these ladies. It seems as if there is a new drama going on every 5 minutes, and today is no different!

We’ll explain in detail… After Keisha left a few weeks ago (or was forced out), a new girl was added almost immediately to the girl group in the form of Jade. All seems to be going well. This was until Amelle broke down from nervous exhaustion and caused the band to cancel their first show together. It seems as if Amelle is taking a break from the band with sources saying she feels fans have turned against her since Keisha left the group, “She has been suffering from depression for months but recent events led to her breakdown. It was very scary,” a family member claimed. “Amelle hadn’t been eating or sleeping and was very weak. She refused to leave the house for weeks as she thinks the world is against her. Much of it was in her head but she worried herself into a breakdown. Her bosses have given her some time off, but she knows there is massive pressure to recover quickly to promote the new single. She is still very much on the brink.”

Now to top this all off,  Mutya has now turned around and said she wants the original Sugababes to get back together! She thinks that herself, Keisha and Siobhan would have a chance of forming a new band and that they could easily capitalise on the fact that the current Sugababes don’t have any original members. Has she forgotton that they all went their seperate ways for a reason? One source blabbed, “Mutya is convinced the original three could be huge again. She was on the phone all weekend trying to convince the girls to reform.”

We’re not quite sure what to think of this! The new Sugababes or the old Sugababes? Or no Sugababes? Maybe they could all reform and make a super girlgroup? Sort it out ladies!