Kelly Jones’ dirty mouth

The Q Awards 2009 - ArrivalsIf there’s one thing we love about Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones, it’s how genuinely and effortlessly hilarious he is.

Did anyone see the band perform on the National Lottery last night?

Host Myleene Klass was asking the band a few questions about their new album before the big draw and the band were being unusually quiet, so Myleene pushed them for an answer to the question “What can we expect from the new album?” – Kelly’s answer was “sexual explosions”.

Everyone on set went into a bit of a panic, apart from the band obviously, who were giggling like school kids.

After the draw Myleene had to issue an apology, in case anyone was offended by the comment.

This happened way after the watershed, so no harm done. It certainly brightened up our night.