We’ll make you feel better Danny!

As I’m sure you’re aware, we love Danny Dyer over here at Flecking so we were shocked to find out that the actor had had both his cars nicked from outside his house – which by the way is gated! He announced yesterday that he was at his “lowest point” after thieves stole his Porsche and Mercedes from outside the family home. All the family were left “shaken”. He said after, “It’s the lowest point of my life. I’ve never felt like this before. My 13-year-old is really upset and scared. She feels unsafe in her own home. I feel I’ve let them down as a father.”

However, Heat caught up with him a little later on and he was smiling again. Police had found his Porsche near to his home, and Danny joked, “Luckily, I’m lazy and I didn’t fill it up, so they probably just panicked and dumped it!”

That’s more like it! We’re glad he’s back to the beautiful Danny Dyer we know and love.