Hugh Grant is worried he’ll be single forever

Did You Hear About the Morgans? - Photo CallHugh Grant is worried that he’ll be single forever.

If we had anything to do with it, he certainly wouldn’t be single for very long.

The actor believes that he subconsciously sabotages all of his relationships.

He says, “I think I might have made a sort of pact with the devil, in which I can have fun now and sort everything later. But then he (the devil) comes back and says, ‘Time’s up and I’m taking you to hell as you’re going to end up a sad, lonely old man.’

“A girl once told me the theory of love avoidance and it sounded familiar. It happens when you draw someone in and then you push them away as soon as they get too close. Then, you bring them back and push them away again. I look at life and I see some very happy relationships, but I also see the vast majority as not being that happy.”

Aww! We’ll be happy to give it a go…