Katy Perry gets her Twits out

New glam couple Russell Brand and Katy Perry get very cosy at a party in Hollywood!Katy Perry posted a photo of herself wearing nothing but a Santa hat and some Christmas lights on her Twitter – don’t worry though, she’s covering herself with her arms.

Click here to see the pic.

If what Russell Brand has been saying is anything to go by, then maybe she’s practising?

Russell and Katy may not be spending Christmas together, but they may be engaging in a spot of cyber love.

Russell said ‘There’s a regular phone conversation, and then there’s what I can only describe as the kinky miracle of iChat.’

Russell, who told all on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio, said that hooking up with Katy has changed his life.

‘She’s amazing. I’m having a right laugh. She’s a good person to spend time with and it’s changed me – it’s made me stop doing stuff that I probably shouldn’t have been doing.’

Aww, we want one for Christmas… maybe one with different hair though.