Tila Tequila: Miley Cyrus is NOT a Virgin!

Tila Tequila poses for photographs outside of her Los Angeles home after the recent death of her fiancee Casey JohnsonReality star Tila Tequila certainly loves Twitter – although she uses it more to talk about others than herself.

Her latest Tweet to catch our eye? Miley Cyrus is NOT a Virgin!

She’s also been Tweeting a lot about Megan Fox, referring to her rather endearingly asSuck Cock Megan Fox’.

Tila posted Tweet after Tweet about Mega, our personal highlights being:

‘You got in ONE MOVIE dressed like an orange tanned Oompa Loopma with shorts & now you think ur the Hollywood shit?’

‘Mind ur business. Keep my name out of your mouth and ur fake nosejob’

‘Angelina Jolie will fucking STOMP on ur wannabe low budget copycat version of her! What a LOSER with ur nosejob! lmao’ 

‘Have a Nice day Ms. Suck Cock Megan Fox. Please keep my name out of ur Dicksucking mouth for jobs ok? Thanks.’

Wow! We won’t be messing with Tila Tequila any time soon!