Michael Barrymore – sheep leader or Jedward’s dad?

National Television Awards 2006 -  Awards RoomIn an interview on Irish TV, Michael Barrymore claimed to be the leader of the Sheep Society AND John and Edward Grimes’ real dad.
No, you’re not dreaming.

Barrymore was being interviewed on Ireland’s Saturday Night Show and left the audience cringing by claiming he was the leader of the sheep society, bursting into song: “Sheep, may be the face I can’t regret.

“Baaaa. May be the mirror of regret. Baaaaa.”

It gets worse.

The show’s host Brendan O’Connor laughed nervously, as Barrymore went on to make chicken noises and run around the studio. He then went into the audience and insisted that he was the real father of John and Edward “Jedward” Grimes.

It gets worse.

John and Edward’s actual parents were sitting in the audience, because the twins were due to perform later on in the show.

“I happen to know their mother very well. I send maintenance money,” he said.

Could it possibly get any worse? IT GETS WORSE!

Barrymore went into the audience and passionately kissed the twins mum!

You couldn’t make it up.

Check out the video below.