Paris Hilton is burgled… and only realises 2 months later

Paris Hilton wearing a blue half-sleeveless sequined mini dress at the Late Night With David Letterman Show in NYCParis Hilton was targeted by burglars – targeting her because she was “dumb”.

We’re not saying we agree or anything, but she only realised they had robbed her in the first place after they came back 2 months later to rob her for a second time.
The teenage ‘bling ring’ gang didn’t have much trouble breaking into Paris’ house – because she kept a front door key under her doormat.

The first burglary may have gone unnoticed, but when they came back for a second time they managed to bag over £1.2 million worth of swag.

18-year-old Nick Prugo, who was part of the gang, gave an interview to Vanity Fair magazine and claimed to have found 5 grams of cocaine in the house.

He also said: ‘Like, who would leave a door unlocked? Who would leave a lot of money lying around?’

Prugo is one of five youths accused of the thefts that netted more than £2million in cash, clothes, jewellery and art.

They used the internet to track down their victims’ homes and made sure they were present by reading about their movements.

The gang were caught last November, after being caught on CCTV at Lindsay Lohan’s house.