Forever The Sickest Kids Interview

Forever The Sickest Kids have taken America by storm and are currently taking the UK on one venue at a time, supporting You Me At Six on the ‘Hold Me Down’ tour. We were lucky enough to catch up with two of the excitable band members, Caleb Turman (guitar and vocals) and Kyle Burns (drummer), before the first show of the tour at the Birmingham O2 Academy.

After discussing where to place the dictaphone for a good five minutes, (also in this time a date to the cinema was arranged, S Club 7 had been mentioned, party stories shared and several attempts to ruin the other band’s interview were made), the two decided it was best to take turns holding it. From then on, we knew this would be an interesting one!

Caleb: So, what’s your name?  Here you can hold it…
[Caleb gives the dictaphone to Kyle. At this point Kyle shoves the dictaphone under my nose and stares at me intently,  waiting for the first question.]

You can’t put it that close, it’s gonna be in my face…

[Kyle reluctantly moves it back an inch or so.]
Let’s fire our brains as a team…

Are you ready?

Kyle: Starting!

How did last night’s headline show go?
Caleb: Last night was aw-er-some!
Kyle: It was pretty neat there was at least 500 thousand people there.
Caleb: Yeah 500 thousand sold out.
Kyle: So yeah you could say it was pretty awesome.

[The venue has a capacity of 275.]

Are you planning on doing your own UK headline tour this year?
Kyle: We’ve already done that twice…
This year!

Kyle: This year? No we’re out here with You Me At Six.
Caleb: Well we might actually if our single does well, we would probably come out here again.
Kyle: Maybe.
Caleb: Well we obviously have other tours going on in the states and we gotta tour off our record there too, but sooner or later we will be here again.

What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to about being back in the UK?
Your beautiful accents…
Kyle: Appletiser!

Do you not get that?!

Kyle: No, not in America.
[Kyle shoves the microphone under my nose again.]

[laughter] I feel like I’m being interrogated!

Caleb: Don’t hurt his feelings, he’s just trying to help!

Kyle: I’m very soft.
He’s very soft, that’s what he said.
Here do you want this? [Kyle gives the dictaphone to Caleb. At this point Kyle sees the pass around his neck and breaks into a random conversation about lanyards and the amazing possibilities of wearing one around your neck rather than the crotch area like most bands do.]
Kyle: Most bands wear it around here you know, but this gets in the way of doing stuff… you know what I say, screw that. Put it up here cause it’s way more fun and you get to like, hold it…. [Kyle demonstrates the endless possibilities of lanyards and everyone laughs.]
Caleb: Dude! You can do it round your neck, do it round your neck!

[Kyle then goes on to hula hoop the lanyard around his neck.]
Caleb: See, you can’t do that around your waist!

Kyle: When you open a door the security aren’t trying to look at your butt, I was sick of that crap. Dudes trying to check me out back here. So as soon as I walk in the door I can do this [holds up pass] and they are like ‘Oh sir…’.
Caleb: I was thinking of getting a lip piercing and just hanging it off my lip, so they were always looking at my face.

That sounds like a good idea! Do you find a difference between the US and UK audience reception?
Caleb: The UK’s much more intense, if that makes any sense. I think people in the States go to shows to take pictures and people in the UK come to sing along and actually enjoy the music. I’m not saying we don’t enjoy the crowds in the States, but I definitely prefer the UK ’cause they are freaking nuts. Last night on our last song, everyone in the crowd rushed to the stage and we pretty much got knocked off the stage!
Sounds lethal!

Caleb: Yeah! Not only are you all better looking over here, you are cooler to play music in front of.
[Kyle randomly yells to other bands]
Caleb: Shhhhh!

Your video is due to be released on March 29th…
Kyle: Something like that.
Caleb: God, you did your research!

So what can we expect to see in the video?
Kyle: Which video?
She likes…

Kyle: You’re gonna expect golfing, mini golfing, rhinoceros, golf carts…
Caleb: Yes, yes and yes.
Kyle: Do y’all have golfing over here?


Caleb: Dude, of course they do!
Kyle: It’s a lot of public golf and we are really good.
Caleb: Also wild animals, ice cream and can you guess… CARS! I thought that would be obvious.
Kyle: Alright, next question.

Here comes some random questions…
Caleb: Bring it on momma!
If you were a rap artist, what would your name be?

Caleb: Big Pappa D!
That was very quick, you’ve thought about that before!

Caleb: Yeah I know!
Kyle: Martin B Funky.

If it was my round and I was buying you a drink, what drink would you want?
Kyle: Appletiser!
Caleb: I’d probably do a quadruple vodka tonic thank you. Quadruple that’s three shots, three shots in one drink…
We think he meant four…]
Would that not kill you?!

Caleb: Not yet.

And the last question is….
[Caleb sees this as his opportunity to attack, and as I speak the dictaphone is placed on my nose, up my nose and even in my mouth.]

Caleb: Act like the mics not even there.
On my nose…okay?!

Caleb: It’s not even there… [he squashes the mic into my nose.]
Kyle: Have you ever puked during an interview?
Have I ever puked? No…
Kyle: I have…
Should I be scared to sit here?

Kyle: No!
Caleb: Here we go….
Out of all the other… [the microphone is placed on my lips.]

Come on! We don’t have all day, ask the question!

[I try to ignore Caleb’s many attempts to put me off]
Out of all the planets besides earth, which of them would you like to live on and why?

Caleb: Venus… ’cause apparently all the girls live there.
[Kyle starts shouting, trying to put off the other band in the room again]

Thank you!
Caleb: Love you!
Love you too!

It’s safe to say, this interview won’t be forgotten in a long time!