Hugh Grant in ‘food’ fight!!

Arrivals-Laureus World Sports Awards Abu Dhabi 2010“Should I bring my duelling pistols or my sword?”
Anyone remember that fight scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary?
Well it seems that Hugh Grant was desperate to recreate it, only this time it involves chocolate cake! Saucy!

Mark Darcy was replaced by PR guru Matthew Freud who was reportedly involved in a food fight with the Bridget Jones star. It has been reported that the pair were at London club Annabel’s to celebrate the birthday of socialite Heather Kerzner.

Apparently a do-gooder (don’t you just hate them?!) offered to introduce the pair, unaware that Freud represented the actor back in his Four Weddings and a Funeral days. Whoops!

It gets better. Daniel Cleaver, sorry, Hugh allegedly then used a certain four-letter word to describe the PR guru, causing Freud to smear chocolate cake over his white shirt. Classic!

“Should I bring my duelling pistols or my sword?”
Well it seems both would have been a good idea as later in the evening, Hugh and his chocolate covered shirt later aimed a punch at Freud. Aimed? Guess he missed, however when one of the men threw a glass of wine they didn’t miss, covering an innocent onlooker!

Freud, who then left the venue, reportedly said: “I saw a lot of white shirt and before I could stop myself, it was all brown.”
He also emailed his friends a photograph of the shirt, adding: “I’m a pacifist. I only throw cakes. He’s a scrapper. There were no heroes last night.”

This wasn’t the first indecent involving Hugh and food. We all remember ‘Beangate’ in 2007 when Grant was arrested after throwing baked beans at a photographer.