Ke$ha upsets Justin Bieber fans

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It’s a never ending whirl of drama in celebland, and this time Ke$ha is at the front of it all.

Surely she must have known that making a comment about Justin Bieber when she’s only new to the music scene was going to cause a little controversy. According to The Daily Mirror, she was reported saying that she didn’t find the little singer hot because he looked about four. However his adoring fans were having none of this – despite Justin not even saying a word about it – and so Ke$ha was made to apologise on the internet! A little extreme, no? Poor Bieber baby!Katy Perry Is Taking Care of Business!

And if all of that wasn’t enough, Katy Perry has said her piece too; ‘I want Ke$ha and Justin Bieber to make out, have make-up sex, and maybe Britney Spears can join? I know she likes things in three.’ Hmm, maybe you’ve been spending too much time with that Russell Brand of yours….