OMG! Mark Owen had TEN affairs

Take That Present: The Circus Tour Live - RehearsalsThe last thing we expected to be in the news today – Mark Owen has confessed to cheating on his wife before they were married with no less than TEN women.

The Take That star ended a four year affair in September 2009, just weeks before his wedding.

Mark said the other flings were one-night stands that took place when he was on tour.

‘I don’t know how many girls there were in all,’ he says. ‘Maybe ten.’

Despite ending his four year affair, the pair remained friends and he even sent her a series of cheques totaling £12,000 – we’d love a friend like that.

Don’t worry though, apparently it’s all to do with Mark’s battle with the bottle, and if he wasn’t drunk he wouldn’t have the nerve to even talk to a girl. So that’s OK then…

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