Ryan Phillippe’s break up blues

Women's Fall 2010 Calvin Klein Collection After Party Awww poor old Ryan Phillippe is still sad over his divorce.

It’s been almost three years since Ryan split up with  Cruel Intentions co-star  Reese Witherspoon but he has revealed he just can’t seem to shake off the break up blues.  Aww Ryan we’ll help ease the pain!! (wink)

“I still have sadness and complicated feelings about my divorce, but how beneficial is it to keep hanging onto those feelings?” he said in a recent interview. Hmmm not very?!

It seems that Ryan’s self discoveries get better with age!!  “I thought the most experience you had, the more certain you would be about life,” he went on……But I’m finding the opposite, man. I’m more in wonder and confusion than I was in my 20s.”

Ryan is back on the shelf after recently breaking up with long term girlfriend Abbie Cornish.  Interestingly the break up happened just weeks after ex-Reese ended her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal!!

On the other hand Jake seems to be dealing with the loss of Witherspoon slightly better recently saying “single life is okay I think it’s more important for every man to find the right woman and for every woman to find the right man”