Blue WILL reform ‘Asap’ according to Duncan James

'Blue' Reunion - Photocall

Band member Duncan James has said that Blue will reform as soon the rest of the band and himself can co-ordinate their diaries.

Despite splitting in 2005 and reuniting for a brief period in 2009, the band again went their seperate ways and people were discussing if it was the end of the road for them.

The band had a ‘break’ and yet have to officially return from it, but when will the band reform? Duncan says it’s all about finding space in their diaries:

“Lee’s got a solo single coming out, Simon’s in LA working on something and Anthony’s doing a musical, we’re all just trying to fit in together. If it works, if it comes back round I think we’re all up for it but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Last year, the band went to New York and recorded some new tracks, now it’s just to wait until their diaries are free and Blue will be back!