Brian McFadden lets RIP over Kerry Katona

Brian McFadden has always mainted a dignified silence over the car crash that is his ex-wife, Kerry Katona’s, life.

However, he let his feelings known in a fuming Twitter rant.

It follows a story in one of today’s tabloids stating that Brian hardly knew his and Kerry’s children, Molly and Lilly-Sue. Kerry stated Brian called his children around 5 times a year, angering their dad. She also called him “that fat bloke from Westlife”. OUCH!

Brian started Tweeting furiously.

“a certain pig face mole has suggested my own daughter lilly doesn’t know me and that i never speak to my kids..
FACT.. I call my girls at least twice a week, and have a beautiful relationship with my daughters…. and call me fat!
take bowl of mayonaise drenched chips out of your face and look in the mirror!
wish certain fucks would stop selling there stories to rags and find a real job. not one that means you shove kids face in front of a camera
this happenend the last time my career started to go well. certain person did her absolute best to destroy me and drag me down.not this time
kerry katona ….. YOU ARE DEAD TO ME!
sorry about the rant guys.
I’ve kept my silence too long and i cant keep it anymore…. its killing me and my beautiful fiance and mum and dad and my friends. ENOUGH!”

He must have realised the reaction he’d get, because he has since deleted the Tweets. We feel this one may rumble on…