Boyzone Keith Duffy denies link to model

RTS Programme Awards 2009 - ArrivalsBoyzone and Coronation Street star Keith Duffy is the latest celebrity to be caught up in cheating rumours.

Keith, 35, has spoken out about the stories linking him to a top Dublin model, and has rowed to do whatever it takes to protect his family from the false stories printed about him.

He said: “”I am a happily married man with two children and I will do whatever I have to do to protect my own family,”

Speaking of the rumours, Keith stresses that they are not true and that anyone who says otherwise will have his lawyers to deal with.

“If anybody wants to try and make any kind of slanderous statements about me then I’ll definitely take legal action against them.

“It’s all bulls**t. It’s all b*******,” he said.

“Whoever is jumping on the bandwagon, I will have my lawyer deal with it.”

Let us not judge all Boyzone members by Ronan Keating’s┬ástandards. Ronan recently confessed to cheating on his wife Yvonne after 12 years of marriage.