Busted Rumour: Are Matt Willis and James Bourne looking for a new Charlie Simpson?

Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners Party 2004 - Awards RoomIt’s been ages since we heard any rumours that Busted were getting back together, so we were kind of expecting something to crop up soon. The latest is a bit more original though – a reality TV show to find a new Charlie Simpson!

That’s right, according to The Sun Matt Willis and James Bourne are that desperate to reform Busted that they’re willing to do it without Charlie and via a reality TV show.

Apparently Charlie doesn’t want to give up Fightstar, but Matt and James are “yearning for the old days”.

A source told the paper: “Matt and James are determined to get the band back together but have realised there is no way to change Charlie’s mind.

“So instead they are planning a reality TV show. It will be a documentary following them up and down the UK in their search for a third man.

“The series will then climax with a live arena event, which fans will be able to buy tickets for. If the show sparks enough interest they’ll take themselves out on a wider UK tour.”

Whether it’s true or not, we’ll bet James is a very happy boy – the day his first solo album is available online is within the same 24 hours as his name appears in a national newspaper.