Cheryl Cole has all the men after her

Amir Khan at Glasgow's SECC Arena for the prestigious 14th MOBO Awards

Not that we wonder why, she’s stunning! Now boxer Amir Khan wants to get his hands on the singer.

What with her recent divorce being announced, and Will.I.Am supposedly after her, and now a boxer trying to get her attention, there’s a lot going on in Camp Cheryl. Amir Khan spoke to GQ about his love for the singer, saying, “This could be the arranged marriage I’m after,” he said. “Cheryl’s a very nice girl, very pretty.”

Cheryl Cole Combats Drama With Song
He then went on and criticised Ashley Cole for cheating on her, “I’d definitely give [Cheryl] a hug. It doesn’t matter how famous you are – if your lover hurts you, you’re devastated. “I think there are a lot of distractions for footballers with all the money you earn, and all the women that approach them. But it’s up to the players to be strong-minded. And I think they are weak.”

He continued: “Ashley Cole and John Terry shamed their families. If I was married I would never do that. They should make the most of what they have and not look elsewhere.”

Aw! Amir, you might have to fight for her love… See what I did there? Oh dear.

So Cheryl, who is it to be? You have your pick of the bunch!