Cheryl Cole tells Ashley to stay away

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It’s day 2899238 in the Cheryl/Ashley marriage drama, and Cheryl has not only given Ashley some harsh words, but has started looking at homes in America!

Cheryl has had a tough time, and we were over the moon when we heard that the divorce would be going ahead yesterday.
The singer has now apparently told Ashley that she never wants to see him again, saying “It’s nothing personal but I never want to see or hear from you ever again. Please respect that.”

A source told The Mirror, “Any trace of Ashley will be expunged from her life. It’s brutal, but Cheryl believes it is the only way she can move on and get on with her life.”

Well it seems she does want to get on with her life, and quick. She’s already looking at houses in America, with a source telling a newspaper,  “Cheryl has people looking at houses. She goes into X Factor when she finishes the current tour. That takes her up to Christmas. But she is keen to close a chapter and start a new life in America.”

Good for you Cheryl!