Danny Dyer fears being typecast

Malice In Wonderland - UK Film Premiere Outside ArrivalsDanny Dyer enjoys gangster roles but worries about being typecast.

The ‘Pimp’ actor – who has become well known for playing hard man characters in movies such as ‘Adulthood’ and ‘Straightheads’ – says he’s glad people like to see him in his typical gangster style parts, but wants to do something new.

Speaking at the World Premiere of ‘Pimp’ at the Odeon Cinema in Covent Garden, Danny told BANG Showbiz: “I’m not gonna say I get bored of playing the gangster types- but I worry about people seeing me in the same kind of roles again and again.”

“It’s something that people like to see me do and I do enjoy it but I’m ready for a new challenge.”

Danny’s hard man roles have won the cockney hunk an army of female admirers, but he reveals they can occasionally be a bit too much.

He said: “The things they send are really disgusting, filthy, terrible. They even disgust me and I’m a tough guy to disgust. It’s all part of the job though – and it’s good for the ego.”

Ego -stroking is clearly a good thing for Danny, who recently revealed some insecurity about getting older and putting on a few pounds.

He said: “I’m starting to get a bit of a belly. Age certainly does catch up with you. I should go to the gym really, I suppose.”

‘Pimp’ – directed by Robert Cavanah – is released in the UK on May 21.