Danny Dyer tells heartbroken man to ‘cut ex’s face’

Malice In Wonderland - UK Film Premiere Outside ArrivalsDanny Dyer is in a spot of bother, after his Zoo magazine agony uncle column suggested a heartbroken man got over his ex by cutting her face, so that no-one else would want her.

A 23-year-old Zoo reader wrote to the magazine, asking for advice on how to get over his girlfriend, and Danny’s reply printed in the magazine was shocking.

Danny is quoted as saying: “You’ve got nothing to worry about, son. I’d suggest going out on a rampage with the boys, getting on the booze and smashing anything that moves. Then, when some bird falls for you, you can turn the tables and break her heart. Of course, the other option is to cut your ex’s face, and then no one will want her.”

Alex Woolliscroft, writer of the letter to Dyer’s column, told MediaGuardian.co.uk he is seeking an apology, after being alerted to the online backlash to the column by friends.

“I buy the magazine every week and I watch his [Dyer’s] movies and I thought he was a bit of a funny guy but now, after seeing that, I think he is a bit sick. I read his column every week, sometimes it is funny, on mine he overstepped the mark,” Woolliscroft said.

However, Danny reckons he has been misquoted, telling The Sun: “This is totally out of order, I am totally devastated. I have been completely misquoted. This is not the advice I would give any member of the public. I do not condone violence against women.”

Zoo have launched an internal enquiry to ensure that “lessons are learnt” will be making a┬ádonation to Women’s Aid.