Dizzee Rascal thinks Ronan Keating’s biggest mistake was getting married

Radio 1's Big Weekend - Day 1Everyone is thinking that Ronan Keating has made some pretty big mistakes at the moment, but Dizzee Rascal thinks he made his biggest mistake back in 1998 – when he got married in the first place.

Dirtee Dizzee, who told The Sun that he is trying to sleep with as many girls as possible, reckons that Ronan shouldn’t have got married because things are bound to happen on tour.

“Ronan Keating’s mistake was getting married and still trying to have fun. It always happens on tour.”

Dizzee does plan on settling down eventually, presumably when he’s run out of women to sleep with.

“I’m in no rush to settle down. I’m single and having the time of my life. I’d like kids and a solid family later.”

Hopefully Ronan’s wife Yvonne, who he confessed to cheating on with a dancer, will take comfort in this…