Hugh Grant has room at Liz Hurley’s

The Sydney Movie Premiere Of 'Mickey Blue Eyes'Hugh Grant has a bedroom at his ex-girlfriend’s house.

The ‘Notting Hill’ star has remained close to Elizabeth Hurley – who is now married to textile heir Arun Nayar and has an eight-year-old son Damian from a previous relationship – since their 13-year romance ended in 2000 and even holidays with the actress and her family.

Elizabeth said: “My overall best friend is Hugh. My ‘current affairs’ best friend is Arun, because we speak to each other all day, every day. “My sister Katie is my loyal best friend. But there is a part of my life neither Arun nor Katie understand; a career part and a different emotional level where Hugh is still my number one. We’ve been best friends for 24 years and that’s not nothing.

“Hugh virtually has a bedroom at our house and we’re still neighbours in London. And he’s an excellent godfather to Damian.

“He’s a part of our family – we all go on holiday together and Arun and Hugh get on incredibly well. We’re all grown up, and if I wanted to be with Hugh, we would be together.”

The 44-year-old brunette beauty also revealed she and Arun have been trying for a baby but won’t be unhappy if they are not able to conceive.

She told Zest magazine: “We haven’t had any luck so far. Arun would love another one. Damian does not want another one. And I think it would be great if one came along. But we’re grateful for what we’ve got.”

The ‘Bedazzled’ star praised Arun for being a “full father figure” to Damian – whose natural father is Steve Bing – but admitted the youngster sometimes gets confused about their relationship.

She said: “Damian calls him daddy. He knows he’s not his blood father.

“He’ll sometimes forget, though, and say, ‘Tell me again why dad’s brown and we’re so white.’ And I’ll say, ‘He’s not blood, remember.’ And he’ll say, ‘Yes, I knew that.’ “