Lady Gaga wants to make hats

Lady Gaga Greets Fans Outside Carnegie Hall On May 14, 2010 In New York CityLady Gaga wants to become a hatmaker.

The ‘Telephone’ singer – famed for her eccentric fashion sense – has approached renowned hat designer Philip Treacy to take her on as an intern so she can learn all the tricks of the trade, but he has yet to give her a definite answer.

Treacy’s representative said: “Lady Gaga has requested an internship. But Philip will have to check her sewing skills first.”

Gaga – who is thought to have approached the hatmaker at this year’s BRIT Awards – is often seen wearing bizarre headpieces including lobster hats and a telephone on her head.

The 24-year-old star is not the first celebrity to want to do a fashion internship.

Last year, Kanye West revealed his determination to carve out a successful career as a clothes designer and had been writing to fashion houses in Europe – including Louis Vuitton on London’s Bond Street – asking for experience.

Kanye said: “I’m going to go and take an internship and just do something that’s like completely normal, and just rap at the weekends or something.”