Skins film will go ahead

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If you were a big fan of the TV show, then you’ll be over the moon about this! A load of big fancy companies (Company Pictures and Stormdog Films, feature film financiers and distributors CinemaNX, and Film4) have just announced that they will all be making a feature film version of Skins.

Director Charlie Pattinson thinks that this is the next best step for Skins, saying,  “given the huge amount of support from the ever expanding fan base of the series, we feel that we can go much further and produce yet another unique skins experience.”

The script will be written by the usual Skins writer Jack Thorne, and will start production later on this year.

But who will be in the film we hear you ask? Well it doesn’t seem like the production company are giving much away but they have said there will be a number of familiar characters from the past four series! They’ll be filming in both Bristol and Isle of Man, and scheduling the film for release summer 2011.

We’re pretty excited!!