Lily Allen likes older men

British singer Lily Allen attends The Glamour Awards at Berkeley Square in London on June 8, 2010.   UPI/Rune Hellestad Photo via Newscom

Apparently they make her feel like a grown up.

Lily may have decided to stop making music for a while, but that doesn’t stop her talking about her love life. During an interview with Sky Arts, she told them, “[Older men] make me feel a bit more like a grown-up. If these much older men are taking me out for dinners with their friends and to yachts in the Caribbean, or wherever it was, they’d take me and didn’t feel embarrassed to have me around, it kind of made me feel a little bit like, maybe I can hang around with older people.”

The singer also spoke about her life at the moment, “I’m 24. Most people my age have just got out of university a couple years ago; I’ve been flying off around the world hanging out with some vacuous idiots.

“That makes me sad sometimes but at the same time I’ve got two properties and set myself up for a little while.”