Robert Pattinson is related to Dracula AND the royals

LONDON - NOVEMBER 06:  (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) Actor Robert Pattinson arrives at the World Premiere of 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire' at the Odeon Leicester Square on November 6, 2005 in London, England.  The film is based on the fourth installment of author J.K. Rowling's novel series.  (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)File under: You couldn’t make it up.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson is apparently related to Dracula and the Royal family.

That’s right, Rob, who plays a vampire in the Twilight films, is said to be a distant relative of Vlad III Dracula and therefore a distant cousin of Princes William and Harry.

“Tracing Pattinson’s family back to Vlad was difficult research, but the pieces that unraveled created the perfect accompaniment to the Twilight Saga,” said Anastasia Tyler, a genealogist at

“Without any myth or magic, we find royalty and vampires lurking in Pattinson’s life — making his story just as supernatural as the one he’s playing on screen.”