Simon Cowell is “very naughty” on Twitter

File photo of Simon Cowell posing at the National Television Awards in London We blame Simon Cowell for a lot of things and now he is apparently responsible for sending ‘naughty’ Tweets in the name of Amanda Holden during Britain’s Got Talent filming!!

The BGT judge apparently needs entertaining every minute and can’t even sit through one of the advert breaks for the live ITV1 show. A bored Simon checked messages being sent to Holden about the show and wrote tweets pretending to be his fellow judge.

His messages included, “Simon looks even more handsome tonight” and “I am not wearing any underwear”.¬† Amanda Holden quickly Tweeted¬† “That was from Simon. He is so bad! I am”.

Later in the evening, she wrote: “Hey you! Just a tweet to say Simon was very naughty with his tweeting on my Twitter tonight! But he is enjoying your replies!”