Cheryl Tweedy/Cole may be too ill for X Factor

Cheryl Cole attending the 'AZ Production' party held at the VIP ROOM Theater in Paris, France on June 3, 2010. Photo by Giancarlo Gorassini/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

The singer is worse than feared as she spends another night in hospital.

It looks like poor Cheryl may be foreced to cancel her V Festival gig and management are getting ready to put her October launch of her new album on hold. 

A source revealed,  “It is a lot more serious than first thought. Everyone thought she would pull through after 24 hours but there have been no signs of improvement.

“She is very ill and will not be out of hospital for a while. Everyone is holding their breath.

“Because of her hectic schedule, the malaria has really taken a hold.

“She has not got the physical strength to beat it. She is going to need all of her Geordie grit to win this battle.”

The source also spoke about how Cheryl was “hit hard” by powerful medication that’s used to combat the illness.

He added “It isn’t pretty. There are fears that because she is so delicate, permanent damage has been done to her liver.

“She is so tiny – the medication is hitting her hard.”

Luckily Cheryl has both her mum Joan and dancer Derek at her hospital side.

A number of celebrities have wished her well. Get better!