Drake Bell to star in Fairly Odd Parents film

DRAKE BELL Attends Los Premios MTV 2009 Held At The Gibson Amphitheatre In Universal City, California On October 15, 2009.Photos By: David Longendyke- Photos Inc. © 2009.K63427DL. © Red Carpet Pictures

Nickelodeon will be filming a live action film based on their popular cartoon series, Fairly Odd Parents, with comedic actor/singer/songwriter Drake Bell (of Drake and Josh fame) cast in the lead as Timmy Turner.

The premise of the show is about a ten-year old boy who is burdened with clueless, but loving parents who haplessly stick him with the world’s meanest babysitter, Vicky (icky Vicky if you are in the know). Because his life stinks so bad, he was granted two Fairy Godparents, Cosmo and Wanda who grant him his every wish. Wanda will be played by Cheryl Hines, of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander.

In the live action film, set to for release in 2011, the Timmy character will be grown up, and according to the mythology of the show, this means Timmy must lose his fairy godparents.