Kristen Stewart liked spooning with Taylor Lautner

Cast members and celebrity fans alike flock to the screening of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse at the Crosby Hotel in NYC, NY on June 28, 2010. Pictured: Taylor Lautner Fame Pictures, IncKristen Stewart has revealed what it’s like to spoon with Taylor Lautner.

The Twilight co-stars had to share a tent together in Eclipse – as well as a couple of kisses.

‘On the set that day people were walking around joking and calling me a floozy!’ the 20-year-old reveals.

‘I was like: “Geez, what’s wrong with you?”‘

‘I liked being in a sleeping bag with Taylor for the tent scene,’ she admits. ‘We 
got to spoon for an afternoon.’

I love Taylor – we have a similar dynamic to Jacob and Bella. We’re very easy around each other.’

They’re not the only Twilight co-stars to enjoy their scenes together. Robert Pattinson told how he had fun rolling around with Bryce Dallas Howard.