Drew Barrymore is ‘very old-fashioned’

American actress Drew Barrymore attends the world premiere of Going The Distance at Vue, Leicester Square in London on August 19, 2010.   UPI/Rune Hellestad Photo via Newscom

Charlie’s Angels star Drew Barrymore fears modern technology is killing romance.

The Wedding Singer star says she much prefers the simpler pleasures of a love letter to texting or talking on a mobile phone.

And she should know the one time she tried a dirty call, it all went terribly wrong. In her new film Going The Distance, she plays one half of a couple separated by the width of the USA who suffer a phone sex disaster.

Drew reveals that her real-life attempt was no better: “I did try phone sex with a lover one time but I was so off in my own world.

“I wasn’t as into the banter back and forth, so I don’t even know if he hung up. I love letters, they’re a beautiful way to convey your feelings. I’m very old-fashioned like that.

“You write differently, you speak differently, you convey your feelings on such a diff erent platform.

“And you can carry them with you and tuck them under your pillow or keep them in your bag.

“They are far more romantic than the text, which has become very lazy. It’s like bad foreplay.”