Robert Pattinson ‘escapes’ from fame

Photo by: KGC11/ 2010  6/24/10 Robert Pattinson at the premiere of Eclipse . (Los Angeles, CA)  Photo via NewscomRobert Pattinson deals with fame by escaping from it.

In an interview with Cinescape, the Twilight actor spoke about dealing with fame and how he copes with being mobbed in the street.

“You just have to separate it all the time, as long as you can think ‘this is all part of the job’ then it’s fine.” the 24-year-old said.

“You just have to find time and places where you can escape. As long as you can escape for a bit, like 2 days a week, you can be away from everything then it’s fine, everything seems kind of fun and everything seems sort of surreal and it doesn’t really affect you.”