Spencer Pratt: “I thought we got married for ratings”

Ridiculous former Hills cast member Spencer Pratt shows off his unmanageable looking hair and growing beard as he finishes surfing in Malibu, Ca on July 25, 2010.  Fame Pictures, Inc

Ever since Heidi Montag filed her divorce papers, Spencer Pratt has dubbed their reality TV marriage as ‘an act’.

Talking about the legitimacy of their split, Pratt told People magazine, “I love Heidi but our marriage was a show – it was part of The Hills world.”

Continuing to dish about his failed marriage, Spencer took to his Twitter page on Saturday – July 31, writing, “Heidi left me seasons ago! This whole time I have really been married? I thought we did that for ratings?”

Currently claiming to be trying his luck as an artist, he added, “I got served with divorce papers? I thought that preacher at the wedding was one of the actors like my paid friends and family & exWIFE.”

Meanwhile, the now-scruffy reality star also took time to plea with MTV to give him more work, tweeting, “I miss the sound stage @mtv I need my script back. Don’t know how to live without producers guiding my storyline. I just want to be a reality superstar. Once these Shores boys are done I am on the bench coach ready to make ratings.”