Pink covers Adam Lambert for Greatest Hits album

42030, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Saturday 26 June 2010. American popstar Pink plays live at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Alecia Moore aka Pink is currently on the UK leg of her Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour. UK PAPERS OUT Photograph:

Pink’s “Greatest Hits… So Far” album comes out next month, and features a collection of her biggest hits, as well as new track “Raise Your Glass”.

Since her debut in 2000, Pink (real name Alecia Moore) has taken the music world by storm. To date she has sold over 30 million albums, over 1 million DVD’s, and nearly 20 million iTunes tracks worldwide.

The album features all the hit Pink tracks you’d expect, but it also includes what some are considering a strange choice – a cover of Adam Lambert’s Whataya Want From Me (only on the Australian version though).

Pink did write the track, but never released it and instead gave it to American Idol legend Adam to use. She has performed it on tour though. Introducing the song, Pink said: “So I wrote this really silly song, and then I found a guy that could sing it way better than me, so it became his. Now I’m gonna sing it.”

It is a great song, so you can imagine Pink wanting to include it on her greatest hits album, the song is a real credit to her name.

For more info on Pink’s album click here and check out her performing Whatya Want From Me below.

Whataya think of Pinks version? Do you prefer Pink or Adam? Whataya think of Pink including the track on her Greatest Hits album? Leave us a comment.