Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift swap crazy gifts

46446, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Thursday October 20, 2010. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have a night out together as they are seen going to Jamie's, Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in Covent Garden. After the meal Taylor and Selena both headed over to Ciao Italian Gelateria in Leicester Square. Taylor got stracciatella gelato while Selena opted for toffee white chocolate flavored gelato. The pair giggled to each other as they ate their cool treats on a rather cold night in London. Photograph:  Ringo,

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift give each other crazy gifts.

Selena was recently asked about what she planned to give buddy Taylor for Thanksgiving.

“Our gift giving is crazy,” she revealed.

“It’s not really crazy, it’s like she gives [me] a box with a bunch of different knick-knacks in it. We go to antique stores.”

“She once bought me a painting. It’s random stuff. It was a canvas painting.”

Previously speaking about their friendship, Taylor said: “I’ll ask her for advice too. It’s a great friendship,”

“We talked for two hours on the phone last night because we haven’t been able to talk for like, two weeks.”

“We’ve both been so busy so there was a lot of catching up. There was advice given and asked for on both of our ends. I think we both really value the fact that we can be honest with each other.”

“I’d definitely say we have a sister relationship. I’ve never had a sister but I think if I did and I had this sweet, perfect younger sister, it would be Selena. I feel like she’s my age though, I forget she’s 18!”