Adam Lambert discusses next album

46023, HONG KONG, HONG KONG - Tuesday October 12 2010. Adam Glambert Lambert causes mass hysteria amongst his young Hong Kong fans! The American Idol runner up was attending a press conference ahead of his first concert at the Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre. After being presented with a traditional Chinese embroidered jacket by the even promoter, Adam greeted fans, who cried and screamed as they met the glam rocker! One fan even brought along a hand-made card (contains swearing) which welcomed him to Hong Kong and gave him her phone number, Twitter account and told him how much she loved him! Malaysian authorities have ordered Lambert to tone down his show when he performs in the conservative Muslim country later this week, but for his Hong Kong gigs, Lambert insists it will be business as usual !  Photograph:  Winpix Media,

Adam Lambert has briefly spoken about his next album.

The American Idol legend plans to start work on his next album in 2011, but although he hasn’t started the physical work, he is thinking about it.

“I haven’t actually begun any work on [the next album] physically,” Adam said.

“My brain is starting to churn, the gears are slowly rotating, but I’ve been writing things down like concepts, ideas, the general kind of direction I want to go in and people I want to work with.”

“But nothing’s been started,” he told X magazine, “it’s kind of like an embryo right now.”

Adam also spoke about the possibility of working with Lady Gaga.

“Well, I think that’s really up to her. If I were asked, I would jump at the opportunity,” he said.

“I think it would be a real honor, but she’s a busy lady and she’s got her vision, so we’ll see.”