Adam Lambert – second most googled gay 2010

46023, HONG KONG, HONG KONG - Tuesday October 12 2010. Adam Glambert Lambert causes mass hysteria amongst his young Hong Kong fans! The American Idol runner up was attending a press conference ahead of his first concert at the Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre. After being presented with a traditional Chinese embroidered jacket by the even promoter, Adam greeted fans, who cried and screamed as they met the glam rocker! One fan even brought along a hand-made card (contains swearing) which welcomed him to Hong Kong and gave him her phone number, Twitter account and told him how much she loved him! Malaysian authorities have ordered Lambert to tone down his show when he performs in the conservative Muslim country later this week, but for his Hong Kong gigs, Lambert insists it will be business as usual !  Photograph:  Winpix Media,

Adam Lambert has been named the second most googled gay person of the year. released a list of “most googled gays” and Adam came in second place, after Perez Hilton.

“A person’s “Googlablity” is a modern day popularity contest.” the site states.

Others to make the list include Glee’s Chris Colfer (17) and Jane Lynch (11) , George Michael (12), Neil Patrick Harris (10), Marc Jacobs (6), Ricky Martin (5) and Elton John (4).

“In a tight race for first with Adam Lambert, Perez Hilton takes the cake.” the site claims.

“2010 has been a big year for Hilton, launching three new blogs, CocoPerez, FitPerez, and TeddyHilton all focused on a more specific market (fashion, fitness & health, and pets). Between the growth of his company, his pledge to stop bullying on Ellen, and revealing Miley’s partying ways, Perez Hilton has landed himself 2010’s most Googled gay.”