Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene are living together?

47931, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - November 26, 2010. Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene have a late lunch at Cheebo. The happy couple were all smiles, holding hands on their way into the restaurant. The couple reportedly ran into trouble recently at a Dubai airport when Joe accidentally left cheese knives in his hand luggage. Photograph: Jeff Steinberg / Matt Smith,

A report has suggested that Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are now living together.

The couple are apparently living in Ashley’s two-bedroom condo at West Hollywood’s Granville Towers, and apparently it’s taking a bit of getting used to for Joe.

“Living with a woman is totally new to him. He’s going all out to make it work. He wants them to last,” a pal told Star magazine.

“Joe has already bought loads of home accessories like linens, lights, and a new media center. He says Ashley has really girly tastes, so he wanted to balance out the place.” the source added.

This story comes after the rumour that Joe is planning on proposing at Christmas. Apparently it was Ashley talking about marriage in an interview that encouraged Joe into proposing.

“Joe thought that he and Ashley would eventually get married, but not this soon. He didn’t think he would be proposing for at least another 6 months or so,” a source told

“He figured after a year of dating they could become engaged, but now that Ashley is talking marriage, Joe wants to pop the question!”

21-year-old Joe apparently wants the proposal to be perfect for Twilight actress Ashley, 23.

“He’s like a little boy thinking up ways to propose and ways to hide the ring,” said the source.

“He’s been asking his mom about the type of ring he should get. He really doesn’t know anything about diamonds, settings or jewelry so he definitely needs help.”

“He’s not sure if he will propose at Christmas. They are spending the holiday with Ashley’s family, and Joe wants to ask Ashley’s father for her hand in marriage before he pops the question. It could be how they will ring in the New Year, though.”